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Hiking and mountain biking tours along the breathtaking coast of South Africa's Pondoland.

The Ultimate Outdoor Experience

There are four key factors that set us apart from other wild coast adventure tours.

All-inclusive Tours

Singletrack Adventures enables guests to focus 100% on the Wild Coast hiking experience. We provide all meals, transportation, professional guides and organise permits, ferry fees and more!

A Pristine Destination

Our tours enable adventurers to traverse the Wild Coast’s untouched coastline. Only a lucky few have had the opportunity to experience the splendour of its rugged terrain thus far.

Small Groups

Our hiking tours always comprise of small groups, typically with 14-20 people per trip. Joining a personalised hiking vacation that caters to your unique needs will ensure that your time in Pondoland is unforgettable.

Local Tour Guides

Our tour guides are sourced from the local Pondo community. Their extensive knowledge about the land and its people and their willingness to share their special, traditional stories will make you fall in love with the Wild Coast.


Choose Your Wild Coast Adventure

Whether you want a slack-packing hiking or mountain biking adventure along the Pondo coastline, we can deliver. We have exclusive tours for the more laid-back explorer as well as the adrenaline seekers. This is your chance to create unique memories and fall in love with the unparalleled beauty of the Pondoland.

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Tour Packages

Total distance: 90 km

The Wild Walk is a 6-day slack-packing adventure through the idyllic Pondoland. This journey encompasses incredibly diverse landscapes, including dramatic cliffs and cascading waterfalls, dense coastal forests and immense valleys. Each day’s spectacular sights will leave you in awe of Mother Nature. The rugged terrain and inaccessibility of this region means that very few people have had the opportunity to explore this hidden gem.


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Total distance: 71 km

The Wild Ocean Trail is a 6-day slack-packing adventure along the beautiful Pondoland coastline. This journey encompasses magnificently diverse landscapes, including rugged cliffs, many river crossings, cascading waterfalls and dense coastal forests. Each day’s spectacular sights will leave you in awe of Mother Nature. The inaccessibility of this region has allowed the area to remain virtually untouched creating a hidden gem of natural wonderment for nature lovers to explore.


Total distance: 115 km

Experience an incredible 3-night/4 day guided mountain bike ride along the Pondo Wild Coast. Cycle past striking waterfalls and traverse diverse landscapes, including rugged cliffs, vast open grasslands and coastal forest. The Wild Coast’s wonders and natural trails provide a perfect location for a mountain biking adventure.


Total distance: 300 km

This 9-day trip starts at the mouth of the Kei River and ends at Port Edward and is geared towards those in search of adventure and a mountain biking challenge of a lifetime. You’ll traverse picturesque beaches, coastal forests, rocky outcrops and so much more. There is endless singletrack upon which to play each day! If you are fit, experienced and excited to tackle tough bike portages, waist-deep river crossings and itinerary changes due to sometimes unpredictable weather and terrain conditions, then this is the tour for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

A few things you might want to know…from whats included to fees; transport; safety; and what to pack. Read through our FAQ’s and Terms & Conditions to get all the information you might need.

Pondoland: Wild Coast, South Africa.

The Wild Coast, in the Eastern Cape, is a remote strip of coastline, which reaches from the Mtamvuna River in the north to the Great Kei River in the south.

As the name suggest, it is known for its untamed wilderness, its remote, beautiful, dramatic and some of the most picturesque landscape you’ll ever see. The Wild coast is also known as Pondoland, as the culture and traditions of the Pondo people form part of the journey. While adventuring with us along the Wild Coast, you’ll see, scattered shipwrecks, stunning rock formations and breath-taking waterfalls, natural rockpools, and even an array of bird species and wild animals through the reserve. The lack of infrastructure to the area, means that few have had the privilege of adventuring  along the Pondo Wild Coast.

Our Story ​

Singletrack Adventures originated over 10 years ago when two friends, Gareth and Clint, set off on their mountain bikes in search of adventure along the Wild Coast.

The incredible experience we’d had initiated further forays into Pondoland and, while on one of our trips, we chanced upon a local hiking guide whose knowledge of and love for the Wild Coast would change our lives forever. Around the campfire one night, he told us incredible stories about his homeland and we hatched a plan to create a unique slack-packing adventure tourism company. His passion and knowledge about the Pondo community, combined with our logistical back-up support for riders and walkers was a winning formula.

With our passion and enthusiasm for the outdoors, as well as our extensive knowledge of the area, we guarantee that your trip will not only be memorable but keep you coming back for more.

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