6-day slack-packing adventure through the idyllic Pondoland

Fully inclusive 6 day hiking adventure.


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About The Wild Walk with Singletrack Adventures

The Wild Walk is a 6-day slack-packing hiking adventure through the picturesque Pondoland. This journey will cover diverse landscapes with dramatic cliffs and cascading waterfalls, dense coastal forests and immense valleys. Each day’s incredible sights will leave you in awe of Mother Nature. The rugged terrain and remoteness of this region means that very few people have had the opportunity to explore this hidden gem.

Singletrack Adventures enables guests to focus 100% on the hiking adventure. We provide all meals; transportation; professional guides and organise permits, ferry fees and more!

Our hiking tours always comprise of small groups, typically with 14-20 people per trip, and our tour guides are sourced from the local Pondo community. Their intimate knowledge of the land and its people and their willingness to share their special traditional stories will make you fall in love with the Wild Coast.

Contact us for private group bookings and rates (Minimum 14 people). 


The Wild Walk Itinerary

  • Day 1: Meet at the Wild Coast Casino at 7:30am (TBC)

    After convening at the Wild Coast Casino, hikers will be transported to Mbotyi, home to the world-renowned Magwa Tea Estate. We will make several stops along the way at scenic sites such as Magwa Falls, and Fraser Falls.

    Accommodation: We will overnight at Pumla's Place, in rustic, comfortable cottages that boast panoramic sea views of the Mbotyi coast.

  • Day 2: Mboyti to Port Grosvenor (22km)

    Your hiking adventure starts from Pumla's along the beach past some beautiful little estuaries. The remarkable scenery on this day is simply breathtaking! We will pass many noteworthy landmarks, with highlights including Waterfall Bluff and Cathedral Rock, two iconic natural phenomena of the Wild Coast. We will take plenty of breaks during the course of the hike so as to enjoy our snacks, marvel over the beautiful terrain and enjoy a swim or two in the many natural pools along the route. We conclude our hike a Mkweni River, where we will be transported to our lodge.

    Accommodation: We will be staying at Lambazi Eco Lodge at Port Grosvenor, which is tucked away into a stunning coastal forest.

  • Day 3: Port Grosvenor to Msikaba (8km + 6km)

    Port Grosvenor to Msikaba is one of the easier hiking days and we will predominantly traverse grasslands, wetlands and coastal forest areas with small rivers and streams. Of note along our route is Grosvenor Bay, where a Portuguese ship carrying valuable cargo of diamonds, rubies, gold and silver, was wrecked in 1782. (To date, only a few cannons and some gold and silver coins have been recovered by salvage operators).

    In the warmer months we will add to this shorter day by taking a hike up the Mbaxeni gorge. This is a new experience added to the itinerary, as this hidden gem is like nothing you've every seen before. In the cooler months we visit the Msikaba Vulture Colony for sundowners, which is home to approximately 170 pairs of Cape Vultures.

    Accommodation: We will overnight at Vonnie's Rest, which is nestled in a little valley on the bank of the Mbaxeni River.

  • Day 4: Msikaba to Mtentu (16km)

    The Msikaba to Mtentu leg of our trip is one of the most memorable days. We begin the hiking adventure by crossing the Msikaba Estuary and entering the Mkambati Nature Reserve. The route meanders along the coastal trail past Mkambati Falls. We will stop at the Strandloper Falls for a swim in the natural pool. (If you are feeling brave, you can jump from the Strandloper cave into the pools below!). We will be ferried across the river by canoe before arriving at Mtentu Lodge.

  • Day 5: Mtentu to Nyameni (16km)

    After a hearty breakfast at Mtentu Lodge, we will head out along the coastline to Sikombe, and after a short beach walk and river crossing, we will head a little inland into the Xolobeni Red Desert. The red sand here has been moulded by the wind into diverse, awe-inspiring formations that only nature could envisage.

    Accommodation: We will over-night at our homestay for some traditional Pondo hospitality and food from our host, Nolwandile.

  • Day 6: Nyameni to Mzamba: Wild Coast Casino (14-17km)

    This is our final hiking adventure day and the home stretch. We have two choices of route: traversing inland or walking along the beach. The inland route takes us through some beautiful valleys carved out by streams and waterfalls as we make our way to the Mzamba River suspension bridge. This route offers hikers the opportunity to view Pondo homesteads and farmlands and the chance to spot the Transkei Big 5 (the goat, pig, cow, donkey and sheep). Walking along the beach takes us past the Mzamba petrified forest and fossils. Exploring this is tide dependent. The choice of route will be determined by the guide, based on the tide and the group’s wishes. We should arrive on foot at the Wild Coast Casino between 12 and 1pm.

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