The WILD ocean trail

6-day slack-packing adventure along the beautiful Pondoland coast line

Fully inclusive 6 day Wild Coast hike.

R 8,850

/ per person (2024)

About the Wild Ocean Trail with Singletrack Adventures

The Wild Ocean Trail is a 5-day slack-packing (6-day tour) adventure hike along the beautiful Pondoland coastline. This journey encompasses magnificently diverse landscapes, including rugged cliffs, many river crossings, cascading waterfalls and dense coastal forests. Each day’s spectacular sights will leave you in awe of Mother Nature. The inaccessibility of this region has allowed the area to remain virtually untouched creating a hidden gem of natural wonderment for nature lovers to explore.

Singletrack Adventures enables guests to focus 100% on the hiking experience. We provide all meals; transportation; professional guides and organise permits, ferry fees and more!

Our Wild Coast hike always comprises of small groups, typically with 12-18 people per trip, and our tour guides are sourced from the local Pondo community. Their intimate knowledge of the land and its people and their willingness to share their special traditional stories will make you fall in love with the Wild Coast.

Contact us for private group bookings and rates (Minimum 14 people).


The Wild Ocean Trail Itinerary

  • Day 1:Transfer to Mpande

    We meet at the Wild Coast Sun, just outside Port Edward, at 7:30 am. From there, a shuttle will take us to Mpande, where Kraal Eco Lodge, is nestled in a coastal cleft. Here, the sounds of ocean waves and whale calls echo up the valley. Upon arrival, you can enjoy some light snacks and spend the afternoon at the local lagoon, either swimming, snorkeling, or simply relaxing while watching dolphins play in the waves.

  • Day 2: Mpande to Mgazana (13km)

    The wild coast hike commences with a small river crossing and an ascent along the coastline ridge, before heading inland through the Gcwaleni Forest. Returning toward the coastline, we pass through a quaint village, taking a coastal forest track along the crest with stunning views over the Indian Ocean. The day concludes at the home of Mgazana Adventures, where you can explore the Mgazana Estuary on your own or opt for a guided bird watching experience. You also have the choice to walk to the beach for a swim or a snorkel in the crystal-clear lagoon.

  • Day 3: Mgazana to Port St. Johns (17 km)

    The day begins with a ferry ride across the Mgazana Estuary, followed by a short walk along the beach and over the coastal dunes until we reach the Mgazi Lagoon. After crossing by ferry as we leave Mgazi Lodge grounds, we ascend high along the coastal ridge, providing some of the most dramatic views to the North and South. With craggy cliffs dropping into the blue sea, and if it's the right season, you're guaranteed to spot whales and dolphins on their migratory path. The day concludes with a hike through the Silaka Nature Reserve, still teeming with birdlife. Our shuttle collects you at the gate, taking you through Port St. Johns town to our overnight stop at Sea Castle on Agate Terrace, where you can enjoy a swim in the pool or a sundowner on the beach just in front of the guest house

  • Day 4: Port St John’s to Ntafufu (15km)

    The day begins with a short walk along the beach, before we ascend to the grassy plateau, following some rugged coastline towards Poenskop, and onwards. Just before Dome Bluff, we have the option to follow the ocean trail or we can take the path that leads us through a forested trail slightly inland, to the small Luphoko Village. Here, we rest at the local shebeen to enjoy a refreshing cold beverage before we continue our journey, descending to the Ntafufu beach Camp set just a stone throw off the beach and estuary. For those who have some extra energy to spare, the afternoon is an ideal time to explore the lagoon by canoe. This pristine waterway is home to a diverse array of bird species and various other aquatic fauna.

  • Day 5: Ntafufu to Manteku (13 km)

    The day starts with a paddle across the Ntafufu Estuary, where we begin our wild coast hike along the beach. The walk then leads us over some hills where you're likely to find Nguni Cattle grazing. Along the way, we pass black sands, several small estuaries, pebbled bays, and areas of beautiful milkwood coastal forest. We will arrive at Manteku View Homestay in the early afternoon, Skhanisos homestay offers amazing panoramic views of the river and sea. Post hike activities can include taking a kayak paddle up the beautiful Mzintlava River or enjoy a swim in the ocean and relax on the beach positioned between two headlands.

  • Day 6: Manteku to Mbotyi (13 km)

    On the last day, an early start awaits. We ferry across the river and ascend to Mgoma viewpoint, where we capture a group photo from arguably the best vantage point along this route. The walk takes us up and down some coastal hills and valleys, featuring beautiful beach coves along the way. The Wild Coast hike concludes at approximately midday, allowing you time for one last dip in the ocean or river before our shuttle takes you back to the Wild Coast Sun.

    Alternative Options: You have the option to park your vehicle at Mbotyi and arrange for a shorter transfer to the starting point at Mpande. You can also extend your stay by spending an additional two nights at Mbotyi, with the possibility of a Sunday transfer, depending on the tours available during that period. Alternatively, if space permits, you can join us on the next Wild Walk, commencing from Mbotyi to Port Edward on Monday morning.

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